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Film History or should we say ‘digital’ history?

In 2003 Rudolf directed the world’s first fully digital film ‘Indoor Fireworks’ on a prototype of Thomson’s Viper camera, a technology later used by Michael Mann on ‘Collateral’ and David Fincher on ‘Zodiac’. The Viper could be considered a forerunner of the RED and ALEXA, now common technologies. ‘Indoor Fireworks’ produced by technology whizz Hans Van Helden was shot, archived, posted and projected digitally to ovation at the ‘Netherlands Film Festival’ as well as festivals including Los Angeles International, Rebelfest Toronto, Morbegno, I-DIFF, New Orleans, New York and was picked up for distribution by Canal +


Another Historic first…

Rudolf had to wait 9 years for another world first. His sophomore feature ‘WHERE THE ROAD RUNS OUT’, the first feature film ever to shoot in Equatorial Guinea, West Africa. It stars Isaach De Bankolé (Casino Royale, Manderlay.) The film has won numerous awards including GRAND JURY prize at San Diego International, Jury Award in Helsinki, Best Film at Sunscreen Florida and an esteemed BLACK REEL award for outstanding world feature alongside ‘Moonlight’ and ‘Fences’. The Film was picked up by Netflix for English speaking territories and also distributed in the US, Germany and China.


Dark Hearts

Rudolf’s debut feature the neo-noir Dark Hearts was filmed in 2011. In 2012 it was nominated as Best Feature at the prestigious Raindance Film Festival.

It was released US wide by vertical Entertainment in 2014 and stars:

  • Kyle Schmid (Copper, Being Human, A History Of Violence)
  • Lucas Till (X-men, Stoker)
  • Sonja Kinski from the Kinski acting dynasty
  • Goran Visnjic (Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, ER)
  • Rachel Blanchard (Fargo, Where The Truth Lies, Peepshow)
  • Juliet Landau (Buffy, Angel. Ed Wood)



Selling Isobel

Rudolf’s third feature ‘Selling Isobel’ is unique in drawing upon lead actress Frida Farrell’s own horrific true-life experiences as a young actor and model, ‘Selling Isobel’ tells the story of Isobel, a young mother whose life is changed when a charming stranger invites her to take part in a photo shoot. Instead, Isobel is kidnapped and sold into the sex trade, and the film concerns her fight to escape. The film won the Raindance Film Festival’s inaugural Indie Award as best film.

Short Film Awards

Rudolf cut his teeth as director on numerous shorts that have played at various International Festivals and have garnered the following awards and nominations.

  1. ‘Rearview’, nominated as best upcoming director by BBC television.
  2. ‘Rearview’ Winner Audience Award by The New Producer’s Alliance with a Cannes screening, also screened at LA International, One Take Film Festival, Brief Encounters and Venice Circuito.
  3. ‘Rearview’ nominated for a Golden Melies award by Fantastic Film Festival
  4. ‘Death Gets A Life’ finalist in the FILMAKA International filmmaking challenge, jury included Werner Hertzog and Wim Wenders.
  5. ‘Pressurized’ winner of the Filmaka International Jury Award
  6. ‘The Floor Became The Ceiling’, nominated for best film at Hamburg International.
  7. ‘I Leave It All Behind’ music video for Orenda Fink, winner of Hopfarms Film Festival music video
Film School

Rudolf graduated top of his class at the South African Film School with his short ‘Courting Plaster’ that won best director from a jury that included director Jamie Uys (‘The Gods Must Be Crazy).

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